Simone Jackson Photography

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My wedding photography is relaxed & 
candid, with the emphasis on capturing 
moments as they unfold.

Lets keep your wedding real.  Your day your way.  That is why my Packages are designed for your wedding, not the time.

I'm a Dunedin based photgrapher with 19 years of experience, capturing stunning weddings all over New Zealand and a few overseas, and I love being part of your special day! Every wedding is unique so it's all about your style and your groove.  

I want you guys to be happy with your images, from when you receive them, thru to being super proud to show them off in 5,10, 20, 40, years time.  

Every wedding is so different and even tho' I've captured every part of your day in a good essence moment, you will completely love the unexpected style that sometimes screams at me when I'm there!  It could be the incredible light, the emotive spontaneity, the filmy/grainy, moody look, or it could lend itself to an easy going relaxed almost boho style.  My style always flows.   Thats where I come into my own and I edit the wedding seamlessly, bringing all the components together to make your wedding imagery yours and yours alone.  There are no funky brown desaturated presets applied across your entire wedding edits!

I’m a fully accredited in both Weddings and Fine Art with the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP), & gained my Grand Masters with NZIPP, which has currently only been awarded to 21 NZ Professional Photographers.  This basically means I'm always pushing the creative boundaries of what I do, and also means consistancy over the years professionally and creatively.  


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