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Nature Photographer of the Year 2019 - Blog
21 July 2019

Nature Photographer of the Year 2019

I am totally thrilled to announce my portfolio of printed images entered into the 2019 NZIPP Nikon Iris Awards, has given me the title of 2019 Nature Photographer of the Year! The Nature Category is sponsored by EPSON and I am so very thankful to have wonderful support from our sponsors!

The 2019 Nikon Iris awards were hosted in Wellington, and is an intense, nerve wracking time for all professional photographers entering! Our hearts and souls are put out there for the live judging for 3 days, involving 5 judges at a time judging our work.  All our work has stringent rules that are to be adhered to, and its a nail biting time for all!  More photos to come, albeit just from my cellphone of the Gala dinner where the winners of the categories are announced!

Righto, off to buy some bubbles!