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Photography Retreat - Hamner Springs - Blog
29 May 2023

Photography Retreat - Hamner Springs

Have just got back from an amazing 3 days at Hamner Springs at a photographic retreat!  I was asked by the NZIPP (New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography), to share how I do my ICM (Intentional Camera Movement), .. and of course I said yes!  

Most of the attendees were professional photographers, and other photographers also joined and were very talented people with their skills!

We started on the Friday afternoon with a meet and greet, a walk thru' one of the forest walks and photographing, then in the evening, we had nibbles and drinks and we all talked quite in depth about our businesses and how we all work.   After an amazing dinner, I covered my presentation and instructional "How To", .. Lots of fun interactive questions!

The next day, everyone had the amazing privilege of photographing at the old Queen Mary Hospital that has been closed for a very long time!  We had an absolute incredible time and were given free range to hang out after the safety induction and shoot o our delight!  .. Talk about feeling like kids left in a candy shop photographic wise, too many places to turn to and capture!  Some were dashing out after a couple of hours for a quick coffee and rushing back in, it was simply an incredible time!  Also, we were so fortunate, as what we were capturing, is so historic!  .. The block we were capturing is about to come to a massive rebuild!   

History and creativeness!

The 2 days was a massive amount of sharing, and hopefully everyone loved the ICM and double exposures and also we then had Richard Linton join on the Saturday and show everyone the amazing way to control light in basically "crappy light" situations!  It was an amazing and hands on time and we all learnt so much!

Some of us went out agian for more landscape, ICM, & other capturing, and caught up at dinner with all a couple of hours later.  The next day, a few hardy souls made an amazing sunrise shoot, and then another low light before breakfast, ICM forest shoot, and then met for brunch before heading off.

What an amazing time!  Heads up to NZIPP for organizing this and we all had an amazing creative time!