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2022 Iris Awards Finalist in Nature Category!  - Blog
24 August 2022

2022 Iris Awards Finalist in Nature Category!

Had the most exciting time at the iris Awards this year!  I panel chaired and judged a few categories, and also had my own work judged (obviously not in the categories I was judging!  And guess what?!  Finalist  of 3 in the Nature Category!  You will have to go to my Facebook and Instagram links: Instagram natures__studio to view the images as I had 3 images in that category with only 1 other discard allowed made the top of the heap so I'm absolutely thrilled!  

To be honest, I felt my Nature images were weaker this year, as they are not fresh material and I've been known for my winter work.  My injury is still paying the price of not being able to shoot much, that will be changing this coming year :-)  

Instagram natures__studio to view .. :-)