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2023 Iris Awards! - Blog
4 August 2023

2023 Iris Awards!

The annual NZIPP Iris Awards are just around the corner and I am excited to announce that I am part of the judging panel for 2023!  With 15 categories to enter, over $30,000NZ in prizes and entry open to photographers across the world, this is a great photography competition to get involved with.  The best part - the live judging!  You can even tune into You Tube and watch for yourself, as it happens.   I have also entered so, will be fun to see how my entries go!  (No, we dont judge our own work ..!

I am also Panel Chairing the Iris Awards, when not judging the categories I've been assigned to, so its going to be a very busy few days and I absolutely love the entire event, catching up with colleagues, friends in the industry from all over NZ and Australia too!   Find out everything you need to know at for the NZ Photshow and for more info about the Iris Awards!