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Those stunning Auroras! - Blog
12 July 2022

Those stunning Auroras!

Our amazing Aurora lights have not been too active the last few years.. so when I wasn't sleeping one night, (2am) and a freezing winters night, I read the Aurora app on my phone and it was reading a strength of KP7!  Thats a hugely high strength and I spent the next half hour being totally unprepared and trying to find all my camera kit needed for capturing the night skies!  It was worth it as I had the entire Otago Peninsula all to myself as this Aurora was not expected and nothing forecast!  I spent the next few hours driving all over the classic Dunedin spots capturing these stunning lights!  ..  

Just as well no one was around me, as I was squealing and whooping with delight as the beams and lights danced across the Southern sky!  This is just one of many images captured that night.  A true #dunnerstunner :-D